The image shows a fashion doll dress that has been handmade to fit Barbie-sized dolls, like Mattel's Made to Move Barbie, Queens of Africa dolls, Disney Princess fashion dolls, and many other 11.5 inch fashion dolls in the Barbie size range. This is the header for a youtube video tutorial that shows how to sew this dress, and as it states, there is a "free dress pattern" for this project, which can be downloaded and saved from

Today’s tutorial shows you how to #sew an #autumn #dolls’ dress @

On Monday, you got to see preview images of the “Sunflower Harvest” dress. On Tuesday, you were given the free printable sewing pattern for making this dress. Today I’m sharing my YouTube tutorial video, which offers directions for sewing this adorable harvest-time dress. But just in case you missed Tuesday’s post, here’s the pattern again, and as the YouTube tutorial thumbnail states, it’s FREE! Free … Continue reading Today’s tutorial shows you how to #sew an #autumn #dolls’ dress @

The image shows a free printable dress pattern for a basic dress, which can be made into a "fluttery" holiday dress, great for birthday gifts, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or other holidays. The dress pattern fits Mattel's Barbie, Mattel's Midge, and most other fashion dolls in the 11.5 inch (i.e. typical Barbie) size range. This dress can be made with or without sleeves. Free tutorial videos show how to make this dress for Barbie-sized dolls in the sleeveless or cap sleeve methods. This free printable pattern for a Barbie-sized dress is watermarked with the website and has been marked with "Creative Commons Attribution" for public use.

Free #autumn #dress pattern for fashion #dolls @

  Today’s free pattern for a Barbie-doll-sized dress may look familiar to some of my regular followers. That’s because I posted it last spring as the “Springtime Flutter Dress” pattern. However that dress was the sleeveless version, and it didn’t use a petticoat. This week’s “Sunflower Harvest Dress” version uses the same pattern, but we’ll be making it with a scalloped-edge petticoat and cap sleeve. … Continue reading Free #autumn #dress pattern for fashion #dolls @

The image shows a handmade kitchen-style apron with a pinafore front, open pockets in the skirting, and a tie-back closure. The overlay says "Doll Apron" and offers the URL:, where you can find the free, printable doll clothes pattern for making this apron which has been designed to fit 11.5 inch fashion dolls like Barbie, Liv dolls, Momoko, queens of Africa, and many similar-sized dolls.

Sew a #Harvest #Apron for Barbie and Similar-sized #Dolls w/Free Patterns @

This week on, we’ve been making this golden “harvest” apron with pockets. On Monday we saw a preview of the apron. Yesterday I gave you the free printable pattern for making the apron. Today you get to see the free tutorial video, showing how to make the apron. For your convenience, here’s the free pattern again: Yellow “Harvest” Apron Pattern or Reversible Hairdresser’s Apron … Continue reading Sew a #Harvest #Apron for Barbie and Similar-sized #Dolls w/Free Patterns @

This document is a free printable sewing pattern for an apron that will fit most 11.5 inch dolls. The apron can be used as a pinafore, as it does wrap around a doll's waist and tie at the back, but the straps of the apron are fixed in place, much like a full-dress pinafore. This apron has functional pockets and is also available to make as a reversible apron. It will fit dolls in the size range of Barbies, Liv Dolls, Momoko dolls, Queens of Africa, Francie, Midge, and many similar-sized fashion dolls. This apron comes with a free tutorial showing you how to make it as a pinafore to be worn over our "harvest" style sunflower dress. Visit to get the free tutorial videos and the pattern for the dress as well.

#Dolls’ #Harvest Apron #Sewing Pattern @

This is the pattern for the “harvest apron” project that I showed in yesterday’s preview photos. It’s the same pattern that we used to make the reversible hairdresser’s apron (published here on in July of 2017). However in the latest project, I’ll be using this pattern as a one-sided apron–almost more of a pinafore–over the top of my sunflower dress for 11.5-inch fashion dolls … Continue reading #Dolls’ #Harvest Apron #Sewing Pattern @

Short dress or ruffled top free #sewing pattern fits #pregnant Barbie

I recently received a question on my “Submit a question” page about which outfits (from my Gallery Page) would fit Pregnant Barbie. I suggested this universal dress pattern, which fits nearly every fashion doll I’ve ever tried it on. The short version of the dress can also double as a ruffle-edged top, which is perfect for the expecting mother in DollVille. Here’s the pattern you’ll … Continue reading Short dress or ruffled top free #sewing pattern fits #pregnant Barbie

Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. The image shows a Liv Doll from Spin Master modeling a sleeveless polka dot summer party dress that has been sewn using a free printable sewing pattern from This website offers lots of free printable sewing patterns for doll clothes including clothes to fit the spin master liv dolls. The overlay on this image says, "Liv Doll Dress DIY," and in fact, it is the youtube tutorial header for the free tutorial video showing how to sew the dress that you can make with Chelly Wood's free doll clothes pattern.

#Sew a #FridayThe13th #partyDress for Liv #Dolls w/free pattern @

For my regular followers, this is the last of the three tutorial videos that go with Tuesday’s free pattern. For newcomers… welcome! This tutorial shows you how to make a sleeveless summer party dress to fit Spin Master Liv dolls. If you’ve just arrived, you’ll need the free printable pattern: Free printable sewing pattern for a Spin Master Liv doll summer party dress As the tutorial … Continue reading #Sew a #FridayThe13th #partyDress for Liv #Dolls w/free pattern @

FREE #FashionDoll #party dress pattern fits Barbie and other #dolls

Be sure to visit my YouTube channel to watch the tutorial video that shows you how to make this dress. I’ve actually created three different YouTube videos for this one dress: one shows Barbie in the dress; one shows my Disney Princess Cinderella doll in the dress; the other shows my Spin Master Liv doll wearing the dress. So take your pick! which doll do … Continue reading FREE #FashionDoll #party dress pattern fits Barbie and other #dolls

Let’s #sew a #polkadot party dress for #dolls w/free patterns @!

This week we’re going to learn how to make the dress shown above, and as usual, I’ll be posting the free, printable patterns to make the dress in the picture. This dress will fit modern Barbies (above), older Barbies (like the one shown below), Spin Master Liv dolls, and the 11-inch Disney Princess fashion dolls (scroll down to see these images). Again, these are just … Continue reading Let’s #sew a #polkadot party dress for #dolls w/free patterns @!

Image of Liv doll (by spin master) wearing handmade pencil-skirt-style dress. Overlapping words say, "Free pattern for Liv Doll pencil-skirt dress"

Pencil Skirt #SummerDress for #Dolls w/free #Pattern @

This week I’m re-posting some older patterns, but as is my usual fare, these patterns are free. For the tutorial you see above, please use the following pencil skirt dress pattern: Pencil skirt dress pattern You’ll notice on the pattern that it can be adapted for Spin Master Liv dolls, or you can make this pattern to fit a regular ol’ Barbie doll as well. … Continue reading Pencil Skirt #SummerDress for #Dolls w/free #Pattern @

Image of Kira doll wearing gingham dress with straps and short skirt. Overlapping words say, "Fashion Doll Dress Tutorial and Pattern"

FREE #Gingham Fashion #Dolls Dress Pattern @

This week I’m revisiting some older patterns, to buy time. I’ve been working, behind the scenes, to make some patterns for an 18-inch American girl doll, and my patterns need a little tweaking before they can be published here on So let’s get started making the dress shown in the video above. Here’s the pattern you’ll need: Pattern for strappy summer dress This pattern … Continue reading FREE #Gingham Fashion #Dolls Dress Pattern @

The image shows a modern made-to-move Barbie modeling an easy-to-sew felt summer shirt in the style of a tank top with ribbons for straps. The overlay says, "Easy summer top DIY" and offers the URL where you can find free printable sewing patterns for this and hundreds of other doll clothes patterns to fit Barbie and many other dolls of many shapes and sizes.

#Felt top beginners’ #sewing tutorial @ #crafts

  Here’s the DIY tutorial video showing you how to make the fashion doll felt summer top pictured in Monday’s post, using the FREE printable sewing pattern I posted in Tuesday’s post. If you’d like to make a skirt like the one pictured in Monday’s post, I’ll be sharing my “How to Design Your Own Skirt Pattern” tutorial video tomorrow. Or you could use any … Continue reading #Felt top beginners’ #sewing tutorial @ #crafts

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a pattern for the bodice of a fashion doll quinceanera dress to fit dolls the size of Barbies or other similar-sized fashion dolls. The pattern includes three different bodice styles.

Free summer top #sewing pattern for #fashion #dolls @

As you saw in yesterday’s post, we’re making a simple felt summer top this week, and we’ll be using the middle bodice pattern from the group of patterns shown above. This summer top will fit Barbie, Momoko, Liv Dolls, and many similar-sized fashion dolls. For easy download, please click here. If you need help downloading and printing patterns, be sure to visit my “How to … Continue reading Free summer top #sewing pattern for #fashion #dolls @