Do you need some miniature hair brushes for your 1:6 scale hairdresser dioramas? Here you go! #miniatures #BarbieStyle

The image shows two red hair brushes, one green hair brush, two purple hairbrushes, two pink hairbrushes, one pink comb and one very light lavender-colored comb in 1:6 scale.
Click on this link to view the combs and brushes on eBay:

As my regular followers know, I’m selling a few of my doll-related items in my eBay store lately, to make room for new things. This week I’m selling a mixed lot of Barbie-sized (1:6 scale) hairbrushes and combs.

These may or may not be products made by Mattel, but if you’re designing a Barbie-sized hairdresser diorama, like the one shown below, you won’t want to miss this sale because these items start at $1.99 plus shipping!

Click here to see the sale on eBay.

By the way, if that link doesn’t work, that means someone has already bought this mixed lot of brushes and combs, using the “Buy Now” feature.

But don’t despair! I have something else for you… I’m re-posting my patterns and tutorials for making a 1:6 scale (Barbie sized) hairdresser’s apron and smock, just below this image:

And just in case you forgot how cute these are, here’s an image:

Here we see a Mattel Barbie doll wearing a handmade apron and a Spin Master Liv doll seated in a hairdresser's salon chair and wearing a hairdresser's smock. Behind the two dolls is a mirror on a vanity table, like one might see in a hair salon. If you'd like the free printable PDF sewing patterns for making this hairdresser's apron and hairdresser's smock, please click on the link in the caption.
Click here to find all the tutorial videos and free patterns you’ll need to make this set: (coming soon)

The tutorial videos will show you how to make these two items reversible, so have a look, also, at the other side of each garment:

Image of Barbie in hairdresser's apron and Liv doll in hairdressers's smock.
Visit for free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials.

How cute is that hairdresser’s diorama? Wouldn’t a set of hairbrushes and combs go great on the little vanity in their hair salon?

So that’s all I have for today, but do take a look at the message below, which has to do with some technical issues I’m having on my website right now.


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