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Please visit for free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes. This image shows the Chelly Wood doll clothes designer doll (really it's a Spin Master Liv doll that has been repainted and the hair has been re-done in grey) standing beside Simplicity Craft Pattern #2613 which shows a number of plush toys (stuffed animals) that you can make with this pattern, including an elephant, a giraffe, a pig, and a cat. This Simplicity craft pattern is no longer in production, but it can be purchased on eBay or other used pattern websites. The image accompanies a blog post with commenting discussion about children's toys, and in particular, plush toys and how children will swap doll clothes with their baby dolls and plush toys. Feel free to join the discussion at

Last Christmas, I made my niece, Emily, some baby doll clothes, which she dutifully dressed her baby doll in. Then she proceeded to take the clothes off the baby doll and put them on her “Kitty” (plush toy) instead!

She prefers Kitty to any other toys. But it’s hard to make doll clothes that fit Kitty without having her plush toy in my hands to measure her and check the fit of the clothes.

Does anyone else have this issue? Not that it’s a big problem — my niece was thrilled to get doll clothes for Christmas — but it sure would be nice to have a model for designing doll clothes to fit her plush kitty toy.

The pattern above is one I bought, thinking I would sew a Kitty-like toy that is similar in shape to my Emily’s Kitty. However, when I opened the package, I discovered that the pattern for the kitty is significantly bigger than Emily’s Kitty.

Do any of you have tips or tricks to share, regarding sewing clothes for a plush toy or doll that you can’t find patterns for?

Since we’re gearing up to make Christmas gifts at my house, I thought I’d open up this discussion. Your thoughts and ideas, my dear followers, are all appreciated! Please leave comments!

For anyone who is interested in the pattern at the top of this page, it’s Simplicity Craft Pattern #2613, and here’s a link to the eBay page where you may be able to find it. I would also advise you to click here and read my article which offers lots of helpful tips for buying used patterns online.

I also have a plush toy pattern, here on, for making a plush bear. Here’s an image:

Image shows a printable sewing pattern for a teddy bear that resembles Smokey the Bear (thus the title, "Firefighter Bear Pattern." Instructions for seam allowances and how to use the pattern are printed on the pattern itself. Watermark says: " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

To download this free bear pattern, please click here. That link includes the free printable PDF, which allows you to give the plush bear a pair of pants as well.

You’re also welcome to share this free pattern image on social media. Feel free to pinlike, or tweet about my free patterns and tutorials.

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