Image shows a pair of sandals worn on the feet of a 46 cm Madame Alexander doll with the watermark "" which also says "free patterns and tutorials". This image accompanies a series of free patterns and tutorials for making a pair of AG doll (American Girl doll), Madame Alexander doll, Wellie Wisher doll, Hearts for Hearts girl dolls (Hearts4Hearts girls), Velvet and Crissy dolls, and many other dolls in the 14-inch, 15-inch, 16 inch, 17 inch, and 18 inch doll size range. This image was posted on the Monday before the release of the FREE printable pattern and easy-to-follow DIY tutorial showing how to make doll sandals from foam, ribbon, bias tape, glue, and /or elastic ribbons. offers lots of free printable patterns for doll clothes, doll shoes, doll sandals, and so much more. Each pattern comes with a youtube tutorial that shows you exactly how to make the item of doll clothes. So please visit for FREE printable doll clothes /doll shoes/ doll sandals patterns and tutorials.

We’re making sandals for 18-inch dolls @! #crafts with #AGdolls

Last week I gave you the lilac-colored pants pattern and the free printable halter top pattern. Then yesterday I gave you the duffle bag or gym bag pattern. Today I’m re-visiting this pattern once again, and re-posting the older how-to-make-doll-sandals video, so you can make your whole 18″ doll outfit complete! Now this tutorial shows you how to make the sandals for 14 to 16-inch … Continue reading We’re making sandals for 18-inch dolls @! #crafts with #AGdolls