Helpful sewing tutorial video links for people learning to sew @ #HolidayGiftIdeas #SewingByHand


My regular followers know that beneath each of my YouTube videos, there are links to a number of videos like this “How to Whipstitch” tutorial. These “basic stitchery” tutorials are designed to help you understand terms and concepts within each tutorial, like:

These and many other helpful sewing tips are found in the “Sewing Tutorials for Beginners” playlist, on my YouTube Channel. I thought I’d point this out, because I often get questions about beginner techniques. These tutorials are designed to guide those of you who are relatively new to sewing.

You may also want to visit my “Helpful Tips and Frequently Asked Questions” page, here on, if you want to expand your knowledge about sewing for dolls, sewing techniques, and even how to navigate this website.

It’s October of 2020 as I write this blog post, and a lot of people’s pocketbooks were hit hard during the global pandemic. People lost their jobs, were temporary laid off, and/or saw a slump in sales during the time when families were in quarantine.

As Christmas and other winter holidays approach, you may be wondering how you can afford to entertain and/or give gifts this year. Sewing handmade gifts is just one possibility, but if you’re new to sewing, you may need some guidance and a few good ideas.

Check out my Craft Patterns gallery for some great ideas for making gifts and decor that range from kitchen tea towels to Christmas or Hanukkah ornaments.

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