How to #Thread an #Embroidery Needle Tutorial Video From #Crafty

The next part of our Swedish traditional costume is the neckerchief. (I’ll be posting the free pattern next week.) I embroidered mine with little flowers, so I’m going to share a few embroidery videos and tips with you, so you can make a neckerchief like mine, if you so desire.

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All of my free, printable sewing patterns can be found on this page. In addition to embroidery basics, like this video shows, I have a number of other embroidery videos, like my whipstitch tutorial and my backstitch tutorial. Click on those links to see them.

Please come back next week to get the pattern for my Swedish traditional neckerchief and to watch a couple more embroidery videos.

And finally, let me remind you that I’m offering a sweepstakes! Please visit this page to sign up to win a Barbie/Liv Doll-sized apron, smock, and hairdresser’s chair.

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