Let’s make a shirt for fashion dolls (w/free PDF) @ ChellyWood.com #crafty #dollclothes

If you saw last Tuesday’s post, you probably predicted that I was going to post something new to sew for 11-inch or 11 and a half inch fashion dolls.

Today’s video shows you how to make a pretty easy-to-sew sleeveless top for a Queens of Africa doll or any other fashion dolls in that 11 inch to 11.5 inch size range (approx. 29 cm).

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And if you happen to be a writer (like me)… My literary agent, Elizabeth Kracht, has written a book called The Author’s Checklist. You should check it out on Amazon!

Way to go Liz! I’m proud of you!

2 thoughts on “Let’s make a shirt for fashion dolls (w/free PDF) @ ChellyWood.com #crafty #dollclothes

  1. What a lovely site and so well presented. I will be making the shirt for my gra daughters barbie (well one of them) thamkyou making your items will keep two people very happy nannie and grandaughter x

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