If you're here to download the free printable PDF sewing patterns and to watch the tutorial videos for making this outfit of doll clothes for your Tall Barbie, please click on the link in the description. The photograph is of a Tall Barbie (by Mattel) modeling a handmade set of doll clothes, including an elastic-waist skirt with glittery purple ruffle and a handmade tank top with ribbon straps. The doll appears to be leaning with her weight on her left foot, and the watermark on this image says where you can download this and other free printable doll clothes sewing patterns for making a wardrobe for your tall Barbie dolls: ChellyWood.com

Free patterns for Tall Barbie skirt and top @ ChellyWood.com #DIY #SewingProject

  For your free patterns and tutorial videos, please scroll down to the second set of bullets. Today’s skirt pattern is a lot like the one I’m posting tomorrow, but tomorrow’s pattern and tutorial will fit 14″ to 15 inch dolls, like Hearts for Hearts Girls and Wellie Wishers. So watch for that tutorial video tomorrow, if you’re interested in finding a similar skirt pattern … Continue reading Free patterns for Tall Barbie skirt and top @ ChellyWood.com #DIY #SewingProject