How to Sew a Shirt Collar w/ Professor Pincushion #FridayFollow

Today’s video tutorial is not my own, but it is used with permission. It was made by Professor Pincushion. On YouTube, you can find helpful links in the description of this video, including links to the patterns you could use to make the shirt shown in the video.

If you haven’t heard of Professor Pincushion, you should really navigate over to her website. She offers free classes on many beginners’ sewing topics, ranging from how to use a seam ripper to using a hot iron transfer with embroidery projects.

She also has some more advanced tutorial videos, like “How to Fix a Zipper Tab in a Fly Zipper” and “How to Sew With Sequin Fabric.”

Special thanks to Professor Pincushion for allowing us to view her video here on

Professor Pincushion is my latest suggestion for #FridayFollow

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