How to Do a Satin Stitch (Hand Embroidery) for the Swedish Pocket Purse #Crafting #Embroidery #Dolls

As the tutorial’s title implies, this video demonstrates the use of the basic satin stitch using hand embroidery, which I used to create the little hearts on the Swedish pocket purse, an accessory that’s part of the Swedish traditional costume ensemble.

Today’s video also demonstrates the surface satin stitch, which is very useful for creating a sort of “painted” look on a doll or soft toy’s face and can be used to frame the hearts for the Swedish pocket purse.

These are two common “filling” stitches for embroidery, which means they can be used to fill large areas of the fabric’s surface.

However, I like to use the basic satin stitch when making a sort of “drawn” or “painted” line on a doll or garment, as you can see on the doll’s eyebrow and eyelashes in the doll face which I display during the video.

Of course the example on the burlap is a much larger satin stitch than the one I used for the pocket purse and for my doll’s face. But for beginners, I like to show my embroidery stitches on a large scale, so even someone who’s new to embroidery will feel more confident about experimenting with hand embroidery.

In response to a number of my followers’ requests, this month I’m re-posting a series of older patterns for making the Swedish traditional outfit for 18 inch dolls. These patterns were hand-drawn in the early days of this website, and when I posted them online, they were simple JPG patterns.

So during the month of November, I’m re-mastering the video tutorials –for some I’ve added voice narration and my stop-motion opening and/or closing scenes — to give these early videos a little more appeal.

I’m also converting these old patterns from JPGs to PDFs for easier download.

Next week I’ll re-post the pattern for the Swedish “pocket” purse that goes with the Swedish traditional costume for 18 inch dolls, and if you wish to make one of these adorable purses, you’ll likely find this newer video explaining the satin stitch very helpful.

If you’re wondering why I make patterns and videos without charging a fee, please visit the “Chelly’s Books” page, and that should explain my general motivations.

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