Does this “Swedish traditional Costume” look familiar? #Mayflower #Pilgrims #Thanksgiving

Image of 18" doll dressed in traditional Swedish costume of Leksand, Dalarna, Sweden
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If you’ve been following my blog for a very long time, you may remember seeing the outfit shown above on an early blog post.

When it first posted, I called this my “Swedish Traditional Costume,” and in fact, I did a little research on the region of Sweden in which the province of Dalarna is found. I tried to imitate the traditional costumes of Dalarna when I designed this folksy ensemble.

Do you want to see photos of the actual people dressed in traditional Swedish costumes that inspired this set of patterns? Click here to see the Pinterest board that inspired me!

I’ve noticed that right around Thanksgiving (an American holiday celebrating the emigration of English pilgrims who came to colonize New England), my blog followers leave me a number of requests to turn these old patterns into a PDF. So during the month of November, I will address these requests by turning my JPG images of these 18-inch doll clothes patterns into PDFs for easy download.

That way, anyone who feels inspired to make a “Pilgrim” outfit for an 18 inch doll will be able to use my patterns to do so.

If you’d like to learn more about the Pilgrims, you might find the Mayflower Society website helpful.

I am, myself, a descendant of an emigrant who came to America on the Mayflower, and my brother is applying for status as a Mayflower Society member, while I’m looking into joining the Daughters of the American Revolution.

So even though this month’s pattern set is attributed to the people of Sweden (not England or Holland), I felt inspired to revisit these old patterns which remind passersby of the Pilgrims.

I also plan to participate in the National Novel Writing Month this November, so between my novel-writing endeavor and my genealogy research for the DAR, I’m afraid this month’s blog posts will be very short.

Creating my sewing videos takes up a ton of my time, so to allow more time for my goals this month, I’m going to attempt to digitally remaster the original sewing videos that I made to go with the Swedish traditional doll clothes for 18″ dolls. Sorry if those videos turn out kind of wonky, but back in the early days of this blog, I didn’t have a photography studio like I do today, and I was taking pictures on my old phone.

So even re-mastered, some of those old videos will be a bit clunky in spots.

6 thoughts on “Does this “Swedish traditional Costume” look familiar? #Mayflower #Pilgrims #Thanksgiving

  1. Good luck and best wishes on everything you are doing and
    everything you are looking for. you deserve, nothing but the
    very best. (but) take some time out for yourself. GOD BLESS

    1. Thank you Jeretta. I’m home today with a bit of a cold / flu, and as I type this, the snow is coming down hard at my house. So I’m going to make myself a pot of chicken soup and lay low today.

      1. I am very sorry you are under the weather. I wish I could be close to you, I would make you some soup, and take care of you and get you back to par. GOD BLESS YOU Chelly, and get well soon.

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