The image shows an 18 inch doll modeling a pair of pajama shorts and a pajama top. The doll holds a quilted pillow, like she's about to participate in a pillow fight. She wears slippers shaped like bunny rabbits. Behind her on the wall is a quilt with fabrics sewn in the shape of appliqued hearts. The overlay offers the URL of the website where you can download and print the PDF sewing patterns for making these flannel shorts and the super-easy-to-sew felt top:

Easy-to-sew 18″ doll pajamas with free PDF patterns @ #dolls #giftideas #DIY

If the outfit above looks familiar, we’re re-visiting and revising the blog post from October 4, 2018. What’s different? This time I’m suggesting that you use the pattern to make pajama shorts instead of play shorts, to go with the felt top. And also, I’m offering these patterns as a PDF downloadable printable sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls: Here’s the PDF sewing pattern for … Continue reading Easy-to-sew 18″ doll pajamas with free PDF patterns @ #dolls #giftideas #DIY