This photo shows a cute little blond-haired 18 inch doll who appears to be walking, taking steps in her Sunday best. She wears a pink long-sleeve cotton shirt with a slight V-neck and teeny-tiny white polka dots and a yellow skirt that has little pastel-colored flowers that seem to also be spotted with polka dots. At the bottom of the image, near her high-stepping MaryJane shoes, there's a watermark: . On this website, you'll find hundreds of free printable PDF sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes. Each pattern has been watermarked with the URL and the "Creative Commons Attribution" mark, which means that by downloading these free doll clothes patterns, you agree to share images of the patterns with your family, friends, and followers, letting people know where you got the patterns.

Sew a Shirt and Skirt Doll Clothes Outfit for 18″ #Dolls w/Free PDF #Patterns @ #HolidaySewing

I realize it isn’t that different from what I’ve posted already this week, but here’s yet another PDF pattern conversion. As I’ve said before, I’m working on converting all my JPG patterns to easy-download PDF doll clothes patterns. These are the patterns and tutorials that will help you create the outfit you see in the photos of the 18″ doll above and below: Free PDF … Continue reading Sew a Shirt and Skirt Doll Clothes Outfit for 18″ #Dolls w/Free PDF #Patterns @ #HolidaySewing