#SewingBlogger Tuesday: #Sew a swimsuit for 28″ #dolls @ ChellyWood.com

Here in the northern hemisphere, we’re in the heat of summer, so it’s a good time for a swim… Let’s sew a doll’s swimsuit!

This image shows a 28 inch Barbie doll modeling a handmade one-piece swimsuit / bathing suit. The background is a lake or pond oasis with distant brown hills and the leaves of trees overhead. Clouds are reflected in the lake's waters. The doll wears a swimsuit that is featured on ChellyWood.com (the picture carries this watermark), and at that website, you can find free printable sewing patterns to fit the 28 inch Barbie doll and other dolls of many shapes and sizes.
Visit ChellyWood.com for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

This doll swimsuit / bathing suit sewing project will fit the 28″ Best Fashion Friend Barbie (and other 28″ fashion dolls). You’ll find the free, printable sewing patterns below:

Today’s tutorial video (at the top of this page) shows you how to make this lovely swimsuit with a keyhole closure in the back. It also makes a perfect tutu or ice skater’s and/or gymnast’s leotard for these lovely dolls.

Here we see an image of the 28 inch Best Fashion Friend Barbie doll wearing the swimsuit designed by Chelly Wood, but she also wears a tulle tutu over the swimsuit, transforming the swimming suit into a leotard for ice skating. In this photo, the giant Barbie doll wears a pair of ice skates, and she appears to be in an ice skating rink. The watermark tells where you can get free printable sewing patterns and watch tutorial videos showing you how to make doll clothes for 28 inch Barbies: ChellyWood.com
Visit ChellyWood.com for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

There’s one thing you should note though: this pattern is not for the beginners out there… I’ve given these patterns four out of five flowers on my difficulty scale, which means it’s got some tricky stitches and piecings.

This image is one of two free printable sewing patterns that fit the 28 inch best fashion friend Barbie dolls. It's offered as a free PDF or MS Word printable pattern for a swimsuit. On the same website, there's a free tutorial video showing how to make the swimsuit to fit 28 inch dolls. This is one of a number of free doll clothes patterns for 28 inch dolls like the 28 in Best Fashion Friend Barbies.
Visit ChellyWood.com for free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Also today’s video is an updated version. I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but I found a mistake in the original video’s instructions and had to delete that video. However you may remember that the first video included stop-motion footage of my 28-inch Barbie ice skating, wearing today’s swimsuit with a sweater and tulle tutu, as if she were a professional figure skater!

The image shows Mattel's 28 inch Barbie doll wearing ice skates, a figure skater's leotard (swimsuit) and tutu with a handmade sweater. The huge Barbie doll waves as she skates by, smiling at the viewer. She seeks to be kicking one foot up, gliding along gracefully on the snow in an outdoor skating rink. If you'd like to sew this outfit for a 28" doll like the 28" barbie, please go to ChellyWood.com where you can find free patterns and tutorial videos for sewing these doll clothes.
Please visit ChellyWood.com for free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

You can see the figure skater image pictured on the pattern itself:

You may wish to use my sweater pattern for leotard alterations. This sweater was part of an adorable sweater-and-argyle-skirt combo (again with free patterns) to fit 28″ dolls like Best Fashion Friend Barbie.

And if you need a little help making a tulle tutu for a doll, Froggy has a fantastic tutorial on that topic. (Click on that link to access her tulle tutu instructional video.)

If you enjoy my videos and free patterns, please consider uploading my patterns to your favorite social media platform:

As long as you don’t remove my logo from the patterns I create, then every time you share them on social media, it helps to spread the word about my free patterns and tutorials, which is wonderful!

And please be aware that website renovations are still going on behind the scenes…

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    1. Yes, Jade, there is a way. I use a mathematical formula to do that.

      However I don’t give out my formula for free. It will be offered in one of my Creative Spark online classes in doll clothing design, though. Those classes should be available in December of this year or January of 2022.

      Thank you for asking, and thank you for your kind compliment. I’m glad you like my design!

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