This image is the YouTube video tutorial header image. In the accompanying tutorial, Chelly Wood offers instructions (both written and verbal step-by-step guidelines) for sewing a swimsuit to fit 28 inch Barbies, using her free printable sewing patterns for 28 inch doll swimsuits / bathing suit, the pattern of which is found at

#SewingBlogger Tuesday: #Sew a swimsuit for 28″ #dolls @

Here in the northern hemisphere, we’re in the heat of summer, so it’s a good time for a swim… Let’s sew a doll’s swimsuit! This doll swimsuit / bathing suit sewing project will fit the 28″ Best Fashion Friend Barbie (and other 28″ fashion dolls). You’ll find the free, printable sewing patterns below: MS Word downloadable pattern for a 28″ doll’s swimsuit or leotard PDF … Continue reading #SewingBlogger Tuesday: #Sew a swimsuit for 28″ #dolls @