Image shows a lined, printable sewing pattern for each of the following: Barbie doll pants, a Barbie-sized elf hat, and a Barbie-sized (1:6 scale) Christmas stocking. Overlay offers the URL "" for patterns and tutorials.

Free #Christmas #Stocking Pattern for your #SecretSanta #Gifts @

Did you see the little Christmas stocking in Santa’s Sleigh in my stop-motion video entitled “North Pole Christmas“? Well did you also know I have the FREE pattern for these stockings, right here on The little stocking I’ve designed is perfect for holding a small candy cane and maybe some M&M’s for your Secret Santa at work. But of course, it’s ideal for Barbie dioramas … Continue reading Free #Christmas #Stocking Pattern for your #SecretSanta #Gifts @

Image shows two fashion dolls dressed as Christmas elves. Overlay says, "What's going on at the North Pole?" and it offers the URL with the words "free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

What’s going on at the #NorthPole? Check out these little #dolls:

This is actually a re-post from last Christmas, but please be aware that the hats, elf shoes, and dresses that appear in the video above now have free patterns and tutorials available right here on! Look back at this post or this post for those free doll clothes patterns and tutorials. This time last year, I was just learning how to use my Camtasia … Continue reading What’s going on at the #NorthPole? Check out these little #dolls:

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. This image shows a YouTube tutorial video header for a DIY doll diaper tutorials. The words say "baby doll diaper" and offer the URL which is a website for free doll clothes patterns including the free printable sewing pattern for making baby dolls diapers.

#DIY Baby #Dolls’ Diaper / Nappy Makes a Great #Gift for #Kids!

This week we’ve been learning how to make a baby doll’s diaper (in the UK and many other parts of the world, it’s called a “Nappy”). These baby doll accessories are perfect gifts for little children to play “Mommy” or “Daddy” with baby dolls! As you’ll see in the video, dolly diapers / nappies are also super easy to make! The reversible version, in my … Continue reading #DIY Baby #Dolls’ Diaper / Nappy Makes a Great #Gift for #Kids!

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. The image shows a printable free pattern for baby doll diapers or nappies. This free doll clothes pattern is easy to download and print at where you can also find free tutorial youtube videos showing how to make these diy dolly diapers for your doll's diaper bag or nappy carry-all. The image shows the website where this free diaper / nappy pattern is downloadable and printable.

Let’s #sew a wee #diaper for baby #dolls w/free #pattern at!

Today I’m posting the free printable sewing pattern for making your 8.5-inch (or 20 cm) doll a diaper or nappy for her/his little diaper bag or carry-all. If you need help printing my free sewing pattern for this diaper (which uses a Velcro closure), please take a look back at this tutorial, which is designed to help you print your free patterns from this website. … Continue reading Let’s #sew a wee #diaper for baby #dolls w/free #pattern at!

The image shows a preview of the baby doll pattern that will be free to print on, as of Tuesday, Nov. 27th. This nappy pattern or baby doll diaper pattern uses Velcro to close the diaper / nappy. The image shows an 8 inch or 20 cm baby doll wearing the diy handmade diaper that uses this free printable sewing pattern for baby doll diapers / nappies. The doll is an 8 inch Bibi doll from JC Toys, designed by berenguer as part of the lil cutesies line of baby dolls. appears as the watermark on this image, indicating the website where you can find the free printable sewing patterns and tutorials (everything you need) to make this hand sewn baby doll diaper (nappy).

Sew a #DIY Diaper for 8″ Baby #Dolls w/FREE #Patterns on!

This week I’m going to show you how to make a diaper (nappy) for your baby dolls. The free pattern, which will be posted here tomorrow, will fit 8″ dolls like the Lil’ Cutesies dolls from J.C. Toys. (Of course there are other 8″ baby dolls that will fit this diaper / nappy pattern as well.) Tuesday I’ll post the free pattern for sewing your … Continue reading Sew a #DIY Diaper for 8″ Baby #Dolls w/FREE #Patterns on!

The image shows a swirling cluster of vines which are actually part of a wedding dress image from iClipart. At the bottom of the image is the website URL and company logo for, a website that offers free, printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos that show you how to make doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes including but not limited various sizes of Barbie dolls, American Girl dolls, and more. The doll clothes patterns are free and printable, easy to find, and easy to sew even for beginners and children.

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As most of my regular followers have already noticed, the face of my blog,, has changed. I’ve tried to update the blog to offer a more user-friendly approach for those of you who are using mobile devices. What motivated this change? At some point, I had uploaded well over 100 images with links to my free doll clothes patterns in the main Gallery Page, … Continue reading #DollClothes #Sewing Pattern Blog Gets a #Holiday #MakeOver @

Image shows Mattel's Ken doll wearing a traditional Kwanzaa hat with a green geometric-patterned shirt and mustard yellow pants. The female fashion doll standing beside him is a "Photographer" doll from the Lammily doll company. She has a curly afro hairstyle, and she wears a hand-made poncho with a colorful African-style print. Her skirt is red with a sparkly overlay of tulle. Behind them, on the wall, is a painting of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, and the furniture behind them consists of a wicker loveseat and a dark wood china hutch (which houses both elegant pieces of china and a collection of books). The dolls appear to be in close contact, with the male Ken doll placing his arm lightly around the female Lammily doll. Overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

FREE #Kwanzaa #AfricanAmerican #dolls’ clothes patterns @

If you’re not familiar with Kwanzaa, there are a number of resources available to you on the web. I recommend that you google the term and learn a little about this very special holiday celebrated by many Americans of African heritage. To honor this holiday, I’ve designed a poncho pattern for fashion dolls. It fits many fashion dolls, including Mattel’s Barbie®, Mattel’s Ken®, Spin Master … Continue reading FREE #Kwanzaa #AfricanAmerican #dolls’ clothes patterns @