Update on #Shakespeare’s #RomeoAndJuliet with #Dolls

As many of my regular followers know, I’ve created and published on my YouTube channel, the first three acts of Romeo and Juliet With Dolls.

I have all the photos and stop motion videos completed for the production of Acts 4 and 5, but I’ve had a creative block for almost a year now. I guess I was hoping these videos would be received with more excitement from my followers, so it was a bit anticlimactic when not even one of the three acts’ videos reached a thousand views on YouTube.

I’d really like to finish the Romeo and Juliet project in spite of my drop in self-confidence as a stop motion film producer. So I’m going to ask for a couple of favors from my regular followers:

  1. Leave a comment with honest advice about how I can improve my stop-motion videos to get more views.
  2. Once I’ve revised these videos (as per your advice), please help me promote them by sharing them on social media.

Here are some questions I have, which you are welcome to address in your comments (or add any unique thoughts you have):

  • Would a “storytelling” approach be more appealing?
  • Should I give the dolls voices?
  • Should I put all five acts into one long video, or is it okay to keep each act as a separate video?
  • Is the music distracting?
  • Are the sound effects too distracting?
  • Can you suggest ways to advertise the production, so that it gets noticed more?

Please share your opinions in the comments section with brutal honesty, as I really want to improve my films.

Once I’ve revised these videos, I plan to re-post them on my YouTube channel, so don’t bother promoting them until the new version is done.

On a side note, for those of you who live in the United States, today is our Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Update on #Shakespeare’s #RomeoAndJuliet with #Dolls

  1. I would love to hear the voices of the dolls, and maybe your interpretation of Shakespeare’s work, because it may help the audience to understand it better (and also not leave them to translate it themselves.) I think that would bring life into the stop motion, also make sure it doesn’t have a slide show feel to it (since there was that feel to it in some scenes), so that it goes through the acts smoothly. The music is fine, I had no issue with it.
    And the sound effects are awesome (especially during the battle scenes.)

    As for going into the “story telling” I think I like it as a play format (perhaps you should add dolls in to be the audience for the scenes, when the actors are talking to them.) and I would miss seeing the acts and Shakespeare’s poetic language.

    I love your Romeo and Juliet stop motions (don’t stop making them please), And I look forward to seeing more in the future,

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