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Image shows white pants appearing on nine different colorful squares.
Image: iClipart

What are the 5 best pants patterns for fashion dolls? Well, of course, I’m partial to my own pants patterns. But if you want to know which 5 I’m most proud of, I can easily list those here, along with links to the patterns and tutorials for sewing them.

#5 Summer Capri Pants Pattern

#4 Tall Barbie® Pants Pattern

#3 Bootcut Barbie® Pants Pattern

#2 Elastic Waist Ken Pants Pattern

#1 Lammily’s Winter Wonderland Ski Pants Pattern

Coming in at #5 are my summer capri pants. This is an older pattern, so it’s hand-drawn instead of computer-generated. But I still use this pattern quite often because of its snug fit on Barbie® and its versatility.

My pick for #4 is the pair of pants I designed to fit taller-than-average fashion dolls like Tall Barbie®. The pattern includes back pockets, which really turned out fantastic. It was tricky designing pants with an inseam to fit this lovely Amazon woman, but once I got the job done, she looked amazing in them!

My bootcut Barbie® pants are my #3 choice because they’re easy to make and easy for pre-schoolers to take off and put back on. If you’ve ever been handed the same pair of pants fifteen times and told to take them off or put them back on, then you know why these are a real treasure!

My elastic waist Ken pants pattern, #2 in today’s top 5, is a pattern that I love to make over and over again. The elastic waist makes it an easy project to finish in under an hour, and the pants look really amazing on any modern Ken doll. (Older Kens have a more boxy build, so this pattern may not fit them.)

Last but not least, I am truly proud of the ski pants I designed for the Lammily® brand of dolls, and that’s why this particular pants pattern is my #1 favorite. The Lammily® doll company has an honest reputation and a dedication to raising girls’ self-esteem. To have been asked to design an outfit for them was a dream come true, and I hope I can one day have the honor of creating more. Furthermore, these pants look so cute on the Lammily® dolls’ bodies! I’m not sure photos do this pattern justice.

But since the Lammily® company bought the rights to these pants, if you want to make them, you’ll have to navigate to their site to buy my pattern directly from them.

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