How to #Sew Pants With an Elastic Waist for Ken #Dolls

Once again, we’ll be using the Romeo pants pattern with this tutorial, but you don’t need the “Trousers Inlay” piece at all. You will, however, need a small piece of very narrow elastic and a safety pin.

Remember to enlarge the pattern to fit a regular-sized piece of printer paper before you print it. Also, it’s very thoughtful if you’d pin, like, or tweet about this to a friend or friends. I want everyone to know my website exists with all these great patterns absolutely free! Thanks!

And here’s today’s pants tutorial…

2 thoughts on “How to #Sew Pants With an Elastic Waist for Ken #Dolls

  1. Thank you for this! I did a bit of tweaking to make the top bigger for Malibu Ken’s glutes, and my daughter is delighted. Her little friend cannot believe I just made the trousers 😀

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