Image shows white pants appearing on nine different colorful squares.

My favorite #doll pants #patterns @ #FashionDolls

What are the 5 best pants patterns for fashion dolls? Well, of course, I’m partial to my own pants patterns. But if you want to know which 5 I’m most proud of, I can easily list those here, along with links to the patterns and tutorials for sewing them. #5 Summer Capri Pants Pattern #4 Tall Barbie® Pants Pattern #3 Bootcut Barbie® Pants Pattern #2 Elastic Waist Ken … Continue reading My favorite #doll pants #patterns @ #FashionDolls

Sew a Pair of #BootCut #BarbieDoll Pants With This #SewingTutorial from

A lady recently contacted me needing a pants pattern. She was making doll clothes for a charitable cause, and as some of you know, I’m always willing to do what I can for charities! So I went to work designing a pair of boot-cut pants that would be easy to pull on and off of dolls. And here we have them! The pattern mentioned in … Continue reading Sew a Pair of #BootCut #BarbieDoll Pants With This #SewingTutorial from