The image shows a GI Joe action figure seated near a beach. He's reclining barefoot on a wicker chair, and he looks very dapper in a 1950's style hat. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a collar and tie, and his legs are crossed. He wears jeans to add a casual "beach attire" look to his handsome demeanor. If you'd like the free printable patterns for making this outfit, please click on the link provided in the caption.

Sew modern clothes for a male #FashionDoll w/ these free #patterns @

A lot of moms and doll collectors tell me that there aren’t enough patterns for generic “businessman” clothes for male dolls and action figures. So here are my patterns and tutorials for the shirt and tie shown on GI Joe above (they fit Ken and many other male fashion dolls of the 1:6 scale variety very nicely): Pattern 1 (includes tie and shirt back, but … Continue reading Sew modern clothes for a male #FashionDoll w/ these free #patterns @