Here we see a Mattel Barbie wearing a wig of dishwater blond curls that coil down her back. She's also wearing a slightly different version of the Basque ball gown pattern from (search for "Basque" to find that yellow dress with tiny red flowers and a snood). On top of this Barbie's head is a burgundy-colored tiara that's framed in wine-colored tulle. It's held on her head by a thin piece of elastic.

Make a #Tiara for #Barbie #Dolls with a free pattern from

This doll plays the part of Rosaline in my stop-motion production of Romeo and Juliet (which I’m still filming). Her dress is a variation on both the Nurse’s costume and the merchant woman’s costume. (Click those links to find patterns and tutorials for those costumes.) However, today I want to focus on her unique tiara. I designed this tiara to look like those hats that … Continue reading Make a #Tiara for #Barbie #Dolls with a free pattern from