Image of African American "Curvy Barbie" from Mattel's Fashionista line, wearing a hand-made floral crop-top and shorts. The doll's hand rests on her hip in a fashionable way, and the overlay says, "Sew a Top for Curvy Dolls with FREE Pattern" and in the lower, right-hand corner, it offers the URL, Chelly Wood Dot Com.

Sew a shirt for #Curvy #dolls w/this free tutorial @ #dollcollector

Earlier this week, I posted the pattern to make this crop top and the pattern for making the shorts shown in this video. Incidentally, this crop top pattern fits Mattel’s new Curvy Barbie™ in addition to the vintage Tammy Dolls made by Ideal. I wouldn’t be surprised if it also fit the vintage Dusty Dolls from Kenner (although I no longer own one of these, so … Continue reading Sew a shirt for #Curvy #dolls w/this free tutorial @ #dollcollector