Click on the link in the caption to navigate to the page that offers free printable PDF sewing patterns for making this Renaissance costume for your Momoko dolls and similar-sized dolls. The image shows a Momoko doll wearing a red gown with a red cap or bonnet. The style of gown is reminiscent of the 15th century in Europe.

#Renaissance Cap and Gown Pattern for #MomokoDoll @ #人形

This is a preview of the sewing project we’ll be making this week. This elegant cap and gown is what my Momoko Doll will wear in Act V of Romeo and Juliet, the stop-motion video I’m in the process of filming. The outfit consist of three parts: a Renaissance cap, a shift (or nightgown), and a dress. Here’s a close-up image of the cap… And here’s … Continue reading #Renaissance Cap and Gown Pattern for #MomokoDoll @ #人形