#Sew a #Renaissance #Prince Costume for Ken Dolls

This week I’ll be sewing this Renaissance “prince” costume for my Ken doll. (He’ll actually be playing Mercutio in my upcoming YouTube video for Romeo and Juliet.) The pattern and tutorial I’ll be posting this week will show you how to  make the bi-colored trousers, a doublet with sleeves, and the boots you see pictured below.

  • Monday: I’m posting the picture of the final product
  • Tuesday: I’ll post the pattern for the doublet and trousers
  • Wednesday: I’ll post the video tutorial for making the doublet
  • Thursday: I’ll post a video tutorial showing how to make the bi-colored trousers
  • Friday: I’ll post the tutorial for making the boots
  • Next week: I’ll be focusing on Renaissance hats for dolls, including the muffin cap shown here:
Image showing Ken doll in Renaissance clothing
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