Visit for free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials for dolls of many shapes and sizes. This image shows a Polly Pocket doll waving her hand. She wears a gathered blue striped skirt and yellow felt tank top. The image also has overlapping words that say, "Easy-Sew Projects for Kids: how to gather fabric." The tutorial that goes with this image demonstrates for beginners how to gather a doll's skirt.

#DIYprojects for #Kids and #Moms: how to gather a #dolls skirt @

Yesterday I posted the first tutorial video in my “Easy-Sew Projects for Kids” series, showing everyone how to make a dress for Polly Pocket™. One of the steps in making most doll dresses is gathering the fabric. Since it extended the length of my Polly Pocket™ dress-making video, I thought I’d shorten future videos by including this how-to video in the links of future Easy … Continue reading #DIYprojects for #Kids and #Moms: how to gather a #dolls skirt @

Image of Tammy doll in black dress with harlequin pinafore (renaissance style)

Create a #Crafty #Renaissance Costume for Your #Vintage Tammy Doll

On Monday I showed you how the whole thing looks when it’s done. Tuesday I shared my free, printable pattern for Tammy doll’s Renaissance dress. Yesterday I showed you the video for putting together Tammy’s gown (or shift). Today’s video shows you how to piece together her pinafore. There’s something missing though! What about the snood? Here’s a video that shows you how to make … Continue reading Create a #Crafty #Renaissance Costume for Your #Vintage Tammy Doll

Image showing Ken doll in Renaissance clothing

#Sew a #Renaissance #Prince Costume for Ken Dolls

This week I’ll be sewing this Renaissance “prince” costume for my Ken doll. (He’ll actually be playing Mercutio in my upcoming YouTube video for Romeo and Juliet.) The pattern and tutorial I’ll be posting this week will show you how to  make the bi-colored trousers, a doublet with sleeves, and the boots you see pictured below. Monday: I’m posting the picture of the final product Tuesday: I’ll post … Continue reading #Sew a #Renaissance #Prince Costume for Ken Dolls