Image of a pattern used for sewing an Instagram logo pillow

Instagram Logo #PillowPattern #2

Today on, I’m sharing the 2nd pattern for making an Instagram logo pillow. Yesterday I shared the 1st. Tomorrow I’ll post my YouTube tutorial, showing everyone how this baby’s put together. For now, though, these are the shapes I used for the inner circle, the brown box (flash), and the heart inside the brown box. As with all my free patterns, if you download … Continue reading Instagram Logo #PillowPattern #2

Image of letters that read INSTA for sewing an Instagram logo pillow

#Instagram Pillow #Pattern

Here’s the pattern I made for the Instagram logo pillow I showed on my blog, yesterday. This is just one of two patterns I’ll be sharing this week. Here you see the strip I used for the rainbow pieces, the pattern used for the letters, and the brown oval shape behind the letters. You’ll need two copies of this pattern. First, enlarge the pattern until … Continue reading #Instagram Pillow #Pattern

Image of Twilight "Jasper" doll dressed in Renaissance tunic with slashed sleeves stating "Sewing Tutorial: How to make a Renaissance tunic for dolls"

#Twilight’s #Jasper Gets a New Set of #Clothes!

Thank you, Jackson Rathbone, for providing the charming features for Father Capulet in my upcoming YouTube production of Barbie, Momoko, and Twilight’s Jasper in Romeo and Juliet! And now I’m going to share my video with all the world, so you can dress Jackson Rathbone too! Here’s the low-down: Monday I showed you Jasper’s cool Renaissance outfit Tuesday you got the pattern for sewing the pants Wednesday … Continue reading #Twilight’s #Jasper Gets a New Set of #Clothes!

Sewing Pattern for a Renaissance Tunic to fit Twilight Barbie Doll "Jasper"

#Renaissance Tunic #Sewing Pattern for Ken or Twilight’s Jasper #Dolls

On Monday I showed you Jasper’s fantastic costume. He’ll be playing Father Capulet in my Barbie/Momoko version of Romeo and Juliet, on YouTube at a later date. Tuesday, I gave you the pattern for his pants, and Wednesday I offered my YouTube tutorial for how to make the pants. Today I’m going to show you the pattern for Jasper’s “Father Capulet” tunic. Remember, if you download … Continue reading #Renaissance Tunic #Sewing Pattern for Ken or Twilight’s Jasper #Dolls

Thumbnail of Barbie and ken in hand-sewn doll clothes with header, "barbie or ken pants sewing tutorial"

#Twilight Doll Clothes #Sewing Tutorial for #Jasper’s Pants

Now, this is my basic pants tutorial. It can be used to make pants for Ken, Barbie, and yes, Jasper too. However, you’ll notice on Monday’s post, that Jasper’s pants have stitching along the outside of the pants. They’re also all one color, as opposed to the bi-colored pants you see most in this video. Make note of these differences, as they’ll be mentioned in … Continue reading #Twilight Doll Clothes #Sewing Tutorial for #Jasper’s Pants

Sewing pattern for Ken doll pants

#Twilight Doll Clothes: #Sewing Pattern for #Jasper’s Pants

In my YouTube version of Romeo and Juliet, I’ve cast Twilight‘s Jasper doll to play Father Capulet. He has the right grumpy face for the role, so that was my main reason for casting him thus. What did they say about him in Twilight? He’s “the blond one who looks like he’s in pain”–that’s it! Well, Juliet’s dad is definitely unhappy through most of the … Continue reading #Twilight Doll Clothes: #Sewing Pattern for #Jasper’s Pants

Image of Twilight Jasper doll wearing renaissance clothing with slashed sleeves and skirting.

Sewing a Renaissance Costume for My #Twilight #Jasper Doll

Jasper’s build is a tad bit taller and leaner than Ken’s, but my Ken dolls still fit in Jasper’s pants and tunic. But if you decide to make this costume for a regular Ken doll, I recommend trimming 1/4 inch off the bottom of the pants pattern and possibly the same off the arm’s bottom half. Anyway, here’s the costume I’ll be making this week: … Continue reading Sewing a Renaissance Costume for My #Twilight #Jasper Doll

Printable pattern for bi-colored pants (Renaissance style) for Barbie dolls

Printable #Sewing Pattern for #DIY #BarbieDoll Pants Is Free and Easy to Sew

Here’s my printable pattern for Barbie doll pants. What makes it so easy to make is the bi-colored fabric. Even if you use one solid color, the tutorial I’ll be posting on Wednesday next week (showing you exactly how to make these) will be easy to follow because of the two different colors of fabric I’ve used. That makes it easy to see where seams … Continue reading Printable #Sewing Pattern for #DIY #BarbieDoll Pants Is Free and Easy to Sew

#Doll Boots #Sewing Pattern and #DIY Tutorial

Yesterday I posted my boot pattern for Ken dolls. Today I’m posting the video tutorial to show you how to make them out of felt. I used expensive wool-based felt (the kind for felting), but a person could go with flannel or regular, inexpensive craft felt for this project. Just be very careful when using cheap felt, as it can tear when you put the … Continue reading #Doll Boots #Sewing Pattern and #DIY Tutorial

Image of Ken doll wearing boots made of felt; also there's an image of the boot pattern which is free to download from

Boot #Sewing #Pattern for Ken #Dolls

On Monday I posted my little boot pattern for dollhouse miniatures, Blythe, Momoko, and World of Love dolls. Then, on Tuesday, I taught you how to make Jesus sandals (also great for a Barbie nativity scene). Today I’m going to share my boot pattern, which I use with Ken dolls. Tomorrow I’d like to post a new tutorial, showing you how to make these boots: … Continue reading Boot #Sewing #Pattern for Ken #Dolls

Jesus Sandals for a Doll Tutorial and Free Printable Pattern doll shoes doll sandals

#Jesus, Mary, and #Joseph Shoes #Craft Tutorial for Ken Dolls or GI Joe

Here’s my pattern/tutorial for making Jesus sandals. I used flannel (not felt), foam, and embroidery floss, but you could make a human-sized version using sturdier materials. Remember, to show your appreciation for my free patterns and tutorials, please “like,” pin, and/or tweet about this tutorial. Thanks! If you want to see my priest costume pattern and tutorial, just click on the links. These would be … Continue reading #Jesus, Mary, and #Joseph Shoes #Craft Tutorial for Ken Dolls or GI Joe