How to Make a #Toy #Sword, Sheath, and Belt for Ken Dolls or #ActionFigures

Image of Ken doll dressed as prince and Barbie doll dressed as a lady in waiting. Patterns available from
Image: Ken and Barbie on the set of my upcoming YouTube production of Romeo and Juliet.

Monday I posted the image of Ken in all his regal, princely gear. Tuesday I posted patterns for his princely attire. Wednesday I offered up my tutorial to help you make Ken’s fancy jacket, and Thursday you saw the tutorial for making his easy-to-sew pants.

But what about Ken’s necessary accouterments? What about his sword, belt, and sheath? Of course these are a must!

Not only that, but he’s going to need a date, isn’t he? There are a couple of dresses to choose from.

And do you see that lovely Renaissance chair in the photograph I’ve provided? Ken will need somewhere to sit, after his long day on the battlefield.

These are all my own creations, so as always, please show your appreciation by liking, linking, pinning, posting, tweeting, etc… If you have any trouble downloading or need some sewing advice, feel free to “Submit a Question” and I’ll do whatever I can to help.

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