Image of sewing pattern for Renaissance style sleeve with cuff. Pattern is designed to fit fashion dolls. Image of Momoko fashion doll wearing a Renaissance gown. Watermark says "Chelly Wood dot com for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes."

New free sewing pattern for #MomokoDoll #dress @ #Dolls #ミニチュア

Today’s free sewing pattern has two parts. There’s the dress (above) and the sleeve (below): As I said in earlier posts, these Renaissance doll costumes were designed for dolls to wear in a Romeo and Juliet film production. To make the dress shown, you must also use the negligee (or undergarment) pattern found on this page. Yesterday I posted my video tutorial showing how to make this … Continue reading New free sewing pattern for #MomokoDoll #dress @ #Dolls #ミニチュア

Image of Ken doll dressed as prince and Barbie doll dressed as a lady in waiting. Patterns available from

How to Make a #Toy #Sword, Sheath, and Belt for Ken Dolls or #ActionFigures

Monday I posted the image of Ken in all his regal, princely gear. Tuesday I posted patterns for his princely attire. Wednesday I offered up my tutorial to help you make Ken’s fancy jacket, and Thursday you saw the tutorial for making his easy-to-sew pants. But what about Ken’s necessary accouterments? What about his sword, belt, and sheath? Of course these are a must! Here’s … Continue reading How to Make a #Toy #Sword, Sheath, and Belt for Ken Dolls or #ActionFigures