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I bet you’re wondering, “What are ‘World of Love’ dolls?” Well here’s a link to show you what the original dolls (from Hasbro) looked like.

I’ve had folks ask me if these dolls have a similar size and body type as a Stacie doll. The quick answer is no. But will their patterns fit Stacie dolls? Some will, probably, but the pants I’m making this week will probably need some adapting if you’re going to sew these patterns to fit a Stacie doll (from Mattel).

These bi-colored trousers–the pants I’ll be making this week–are specifically designed to fit my World of Love dolls from Hasbro. As you know, I’ve been designing these clothes for the doll actors who’ll be starring in my “Barbie” version of Romeo and Juliet. My World of Love “Soul” doll will be starring as Benvolio.

I realize that’s a guy’s role, but I think Soul can handle the part with class and style.

So this week I’ll post the image of her wearing the pants on Monday. Then, on Tuesday, I’ll post the pattern for making the pants and shirt. On Wednesday, I’ll post a video tutorial showing you how to make the bi-colored trousers. On Thursday I’ll post the pattern for her hat. On Friday I’ll show you how to make her hat. Next week we’ll take a look at how to make her shirt and vest, so you won’t want to miss that!

Here’s an image of Soul, dressed in her Benvolio costume:

Image of African American doll with natural afro hair under a cap. Doll is wearing medieval garb.
Image: My “Soul” doll wearing her Benvolio costume, made and designed by me.

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