Barbie Apron Free Pattern and Tutorial

#Pattern for #Medieval #Bonnet for Barbie Doll (Yours to Download)

Here’s my pattern for the bonnet you saw pictured in yesterday’s post. Remember, in order for my patterns to fit, you must enlarge the image to fill a sheet of computer paper before you cut it out and use it for sewing this lovely medieval bonnet. By the way, if you want to see my tutorial for making the apron on this pattern page, here’s … Continue reading #Pattern for #Medieval #Bonnet for Barbie Doll (Yours to Download)

#Sew a Tiny #Bonnet for #Barbie Dolls

This week I’m going to share my pattern for the bonnet you see the Barbie wearing below. This Barbie will be playing Juliet’s nurse in the upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet that I’ve been working on with my daughters. And remember, when the play is finished, I’ll be giving away all of the home-made doll clothes I’m using in the play. So come back … Continue reading #Sew a Tiny #Bonnet for #Barbie Dolls

Pattern for a doll-sized Mardi Gras or Harlequin mask

Make a #HalloweenMask for #Barbie or #MomokoDoll

Here’s the pattern for my Barbie or Momoko Halloween or Mardi Gras mask. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the tutorial video. Remember, whenever you print my doll patterns, download them and enlarge them to fit a full sheet of computer paper. That way your pattern should fit your dolls exactly.   Continue reading Make a #HalloweenMask for #Barbie or #MomokoDoll

Photo of a doll holding a Mardi Gras mask that was hand-made

#Harlequin #Mask for Barbie Dolls for #Halloween

This week I’ll be showing you how to make your own Harlequin or Mardi Gras mask for Barbie or Momoko dolls, using the following materials: Sheet of Foam Colored Toothpick Paint Glitter Glue Feathers Hole Punch This is a great project to do with little girls, in anticipation of Halloween. It takes very little time and effort, and as you can see, the supplies needed … Continue reading #Harlequin #Mask for Barbie Dolls for #Halloween

Header for video tutorial on how to sew a Barbie doll dress

#BarbieDoll Dress #Sewing Tutorial for Old-Fashioned Pinafore — With Printable Doll Dress #Pattern

If you enjoy my tutorial videos and would like me to produce more, please show your appreciation by hitting the FB “Like” button, pinning the video to your Pinterest page, and/or tweeting about it. Want to see more video tutorials like this one? Please visit my YouTube channel. All of my patterns are free to print on this page, and if you’re wondering why I … Continue reading #BarbieDoll Dress #Sewing Tutorial for Old-Fashioned Pinafore — With Printable Doll Dress #Pattern

Pattern for Barbie-sized doll's pinafore printable and downloadable for sewing projects

#Printable #Sewing Pattern for Barbie Pinafore

Here’s my pattern for a pinafore that fits Barbie. I suppose you could shrink it down a bit to fit Momoko dolls as well. All I asks in return is that you like it, tweet about it, pin it, and/or use other social media to share it with friends! When you download this, it’s important that you understand the pattern must be printed as a full-sized sheet … Continue reading #Printable #Sewing Pattern for Barbie Pinafore

Barbie doll dressed in a medieval maid's costume

This Week We’ll Be #Sewing a Pinafore for #Barbies

Just take a look at the adorable costume pictured here! Last week I posted the pattern and tutorial for the shift Barbie is wearing (the white dress under the pinafore), and this week I’ll be posting the pattern and tutorial for making the pinafore and the bonnet. I posted the apron pattern and tutorial quite some time ago, but check out the links. Continue reading This Week We’ll Be #Sewing a Pinafore for #Barbies