#FridayFollow : check out @KickFireClassics for exploring classic #toys

This week on ChellyWood.com, I shared with you my footsack pattern and tutorial (showing how to make a footsack like the Hacky Sack brand of toys).

Now that you’ve made one, how do you use it? Well for today’s #FridayFollow, I’m including a video tutorial made by KickFire Classics on YouTube.

KickFire Classics specializes in YouTube videos that show kids how to use classic toys, like rubber band guns, yo-yos, kites, and of course, footsacks! If you haven’t heard of their YouTube channel, you should navigate over there to check it out!

You can follow KickFire Classics on YouTube or Twitter.

Disclaimer: Chelly Wood and ChellyWood.com is not affiliated with KickFire Classics toy company and asked permission to use their video on this site before posting, as one should always do. KickFire Classics toy company was given more than 10 days to respond to the request for use of this embedded video but they neither responded to requests submitted via YouTube comments, nor requests submitted via Messenger on their Facebook page. If they do get back to me and request that I take this video down, I will comply. In that case, the link in yesterday’s post will be changed to a direct link to their YouTube channel, and this blog post will be deleted. So it would be wise to bookmark this video on YouTube if you need it.

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