The image shows a blue frame surrounding the words "museum tour" and the Chelly Wood dot com logo, alongside a photo of a Petite Barbie doll staring at a bust of an African man wearing impressing garb.

Pictures from my trip to Paris and the museums I visited #ParisTrip #AmWriting

Today’s video is a break from my normal routine. Back in 2014, my daughter and I took a trip to Paris. I took these photos in museums all around Paris, and now I thought it might be fun to upload them and see what you think. Feel free to leave comments and/or suggestions. Should I have narrated, or was it fun to just look at … Continue reading Pictures from my trip to Paris and the museums I visited #ParisTrip #AmWriting

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Submit Questions to Doll Play Video YouTube Channel “Unicorn Rainbows” #FunStuff #QandA

Disclaimer: the video above is not one of Chelly Wood’s videos, and Chelly is not affiliated with the Unicorn Rainbows Toys & Dolls YouTube channel. Recently the YouTubers at Unicorn Rainbows Toys and Dolls left a kind comment on one of my videos. Out of curiosity, I visited their YouTube channel and discovered all the amazing videos they are making. Go check out their YouTube … Continue reading Submit Questions to Doll Play Video YouTube Channel “Unicorn Rainbows” #FunStuff #QandA

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's Tall Barbie wearing a bridal veil and one-shoulder-look wedding dress. She leans in until her head touches Ken's in a romantic pose. Ken wears hand-made clothes as well, including a felt jacket, cotton collared shirt, and a tie. They are dressed to the nines in wedding attire. They stand, pressing their heads together in a loving pose, and the overlay says, "Barbie plus Ken equals love" with a plus sign, an equals sign, and a heart emoji. The overlay also includes a website: (the website where you can download free patterns for sewing the entire wedding ensemble for Barbie and ken, including bridesmaids dresses and Ken's suit with dinner jacket (tux style).

#Barbie #WeddingDay #Dolls @

As you’ll see in this preview video, I’ve finally finished designing a dinner jacket for Ken that’s relatively easy to sew, fashionable in design, and actually fits the doll quite nicely. This has been a challenging endeavor, as dinner jackets can be quite difficult to make. The tricky part tends to be the lapels! But I’ve finally figured out how to simplify even the tricky … Continue reading #Barbie #WeddingDay #Dolls @