Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. This image is a YouTube header for a doll pants tutorial video for a free pants pattern to fit Barbie, DC Comics Super Hero girls dolls, curvy barbie dolls, made to move barbie dolls, and this free printable sewing pattern for pants also fits ideals tammy doll. This tutorial shows how to make/ sew pants for all of these dolls and it comes with a printable pattern (free).

#Free #sew pattern for #dolls pants comes w/this #easyDIY tutorial

  Today’s video tutorial shows you how to make the elastic-waist pants we saw in Monday’s post. For your convenience, I’ve re-posted the free, printable sewing pattern right here: Free pattern for 11.5-inch fashion doll pants These are probably the most versatile pants I’ve designed for fashion dolls so far. In short, this free printable sewing pattern will fit Mattel’s Curvy Barbie, MTM Barbie, Made-to-Move Curvy Barbie, DC … Continue reading #Free #sew pattern for #dolls pants comes w/this #easyDIY tutorial

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a Free Printable Sewing Pattern for Curvy Barbie or Regular Fashion Doll Pants with Strappy Summer Top: Also fits Ideal Corporation's Tammy dolls and DC Comics' BumbleBee and other SuperHero Girls (Super Hero Girls) dolls as well as Made-to-Move Barbies. This pattern includes a pattern for a pair of elastic waist pants and a strappy summer shirt (like a tank top). The pattern has a "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol on it, which means anyone who uses this pattern should also tell where they got the pattern by sharing the pattern on social media websites. This is a free pattern for dolls' clothes, but please let people know where you got this pattern if and when you use it. That helps advertise the website so the website's owner gets a small kickback for ads.

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As I said in yesterday’s post, this free, printable sewing pattern fits Mattel’s Curvy Barbie, MTM Barbie, Made-to-Move Curvy Barbie, DC Comics’ Superhero Girls dolls, and vintage Tammy dolls from Ideal. Wow! That’s a lot of different dolls that can fit in this free pattern! For a more detailed version of this pattern, click here to copy/paste or download. Now if you’re looking for a pants pattern to fit the Lammily line … Continue reading Free printable #Sewing pattern for #Dolls’ #SummerClothes @

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's Made-to-Move Barbie wearing hand-made elastic-waist pants and a felt summer top with ribbon straps. She stands in front of a colorful Carribean-style cityscape. Her blond curls appear to be kissed by the sun. Overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

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Looking just as elegant as one would expect, my MTM Barbie models this week’s project in the image above. We’ll be sewing a pair of elastic waist pants. This week’s free pattern is super versatile, though. As you see in the image below, this pants pattern also fits Mattel’s Curvy Barbie: As you can see, the image above shows the new Made-to-Move Curvy Barbie. She’s … Continue reading #Barbie, #CurvyBarbie, and #Vintage Tammy #Dolls clothes FREE patterns @

Image shows a Tall Barbie from Mattel's Fashionista line wearing a hand-made tie dye shirt. The shirt, on close inspection, is made from easy-to-sew felt, and the overlay says "Easy DIY Doll Shirt," and it offers the following URL:

Easy Barbie/Fashion #Dolls Clothes: #Sew a #Felt Shirt

  This week’s free sewing pattern is for the easiest doll sewing project ever! You can make a simple sleeveless shirt out of felt. The pattern and project are ideal for beginners. In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, here’s the free, printable pattern with a measurement tool (so you can print it out and get the size right). Today’s tutorial is actually a remastered … Continue reading Easy Barbie/Fashion #Dolls Clothes: #Sew a #Felt Shirt

Image is a printable sewing pattern for a doll's felt shirt. Header reads "EASY-Sew Felt Doll Shirt Pattern" and the subheading reads "One size fits many." At the bottom of the page it says, "Bodice worn as a shirt fits dolls of many shapes and sizes." Photos show the following dolls wearing the sleeveless felt shirt with simple, easy-to-sew darts: Curvy Barbie, Petite Barbie, Tall Barbie (from the Fashionista line), a Spin Master Liv Doll, a Lammily Doll, a Momoko Doll, Skipper, and even a 17" Barbie doll (stands 17 inches tall). All of these dolls are shown wearing the shirt after it has been sewn. The website, is offered on the pattern itself for video tutorials that show exactly how to piece this pattern together. A "Creative Commons Attribution" mark appears on the pattern itself, along with a difficulty level stated as "kind of easy."

FREE #Pattern for a #Dolls shirt @ #FREEstuff

This is the pattern we’ll be using to make this week’s project. Look back at yesterday’s post to see how the final product will look. For my regular followers, this pattern may look familiar to you. I’ve issued this pattern before, but my older patterns lacked the Creative Commons Attribution mark and the measurement tool. So I’m issuing this older pattern again with some updates. … Continue reading FREE #Pattern for a #Dolls shirt @ #FREEstuff

Image shows a 17" Tonner doll from the waist down, wearing a hand-made holiday skirt in glittering red tulle and cotton/polyester fabrics. She appears to be stepping in snow in high heels. Overlay says, "Doll Skirt DIY" and offers the URL:

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Here’s the tutorial video I promised. This Doll Skirt DIY video shows you how to make the glittery holiday skirt that I previewed on Monday. Below, you’ll find the FREE printable sewing patterns for making this skirt: tulle overlay pattern 17″ doll skirt pattern This doll skirt will fit curvy dolls like Lammily™ and Curvy Barbie®, in addition to the 16 to 17 inch Tonner™ … Continue reading #Sew a Skirt for #Dolls w/this #DIY tutorial @

Image shows a free, printable sewing pattern for a flowing red holiday skirt designed to fit 16" and 17" dolls as a knee-length flowing skirt. This free printable sewing pattern is designed by Chelly Wood. Her website offers free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. The pattern is marked with a Creative Commons Attribution symbol, which means you may copy it, post it, pin it, tweet it, and share it via various social media platforms, as long as you tell where you got the free pattern. This pattern is designed to fit Tonner 16" or 17" fashion dolls, the Barbie Endless Hair Kingdom 17 inch fashion doll, FibreCraft 17" dolls, and as a long skirt, it also fits curvy dolls like Lammily and Curvy Barbie dolls.

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Here’s the second of the two free sewing patterns I’m posting this week. You’ll need to print both of these patterns, in order to make the flowing, glittery, holiday skirt that I previewed on Monday, so here are the easy-to-print versions of both skirt patterns: tulle overlay pattern 17″ doll skirt pattern Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial video showing you exactly how to make this … Continue reading FREE printable #Dolls clothes #sewing #patterns @

Image shows a square pattern for a doll's poncho. The pattern is overlaid with a "Creative commons attribution" mark and offers the website:, which has lots of free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. The pattern also says Chelly's instructional tutorial to match this pattern is free on her YouTube channel at ChellyWood1 on YouTube.

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This is the pattern for my fashion doll poncho, which I posted a picture of yesterday, on the first day of Kwanzaa. If you’d like direct access to an enlarged, high-resolution version of the pattern (for printing purposes), please click here. This doll poncho will fit most fashion dolls, including Mattel’s Barbie®, Mattel’s Ken®, Spin Master Liv™ Dolls, Lammily®, Momoko™, and more. Here’s a little … Continue reading FREE #Kwanzaa #poncho pattern for #dolls @

This image shows a fashion doll like Barbie wearing a pair of tights made from a single sock. This is a fairly easy sew-by-hand project, even for kids, so the overlay says, "Easy-sew projects for kids: doll tights" and the instructional /tutorial video showing how to make doll stockings / tights / leotards from a sock can be found on the free doll clothes patterns website:

#Sewing Tights for #Dolls Is Easy as #123 @!

With Christmas right around the corner, you’ve got to keep your dolls’ little leggies nice and warm, right? What better way to keep those leggies warm than a pair of hand-made dolly tights? It’s easier than you think! Just have a look at the video, and you’ll see what I mean…   Additional Information: __________________ My Gallery Page is the easiest way to search through all of … Continue reading #Sewing Tights for #Dolls Is Easy as #123 @!

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The photo above shows my lovely Curvy Barbie® going for a stroll in the gardens around Montmartre in Paris, France. Yes, I really took my dolls with me to Paris a while back, and I had a blast taking photos of them all over the city! But that’s just a side note. The real reason you’re visiting my website is to download my free patterns and … Continue reading #CurvyBarbie™ #SewingPattern is free @ #dolls

Image shows Mattel's Curvy Barbie carrying a handmade handbag-style purse made of shamrock fabric. Its lining is made of green and white striped fabric, as is the handle. There's also a free pattern for making the pattern in the image. This pattern includes two pieces: the body of the purse and the purse's strap. It also offers the overlay of the watermark, "" along with instructions for going to Chelly Wood's youtube channel to find a tutorial for making the purse (also free).

Free printable purse pattern for #Barbie® or other #FashionDoll @ #sewing

  If today’s pattern looks familiar, that’s because I posted it back in March. But honestly, I don’t think it got nearly enough attention! I really like the way this simple purse pattern turned out! Not only that, but the video is super easy to follow! And you can’t deny that a purse compliments an outfit so nicely! So tomorrow I’m posting an image of … Continue reading Free printable purse pattern for #Barbie® or other #FashionDoll @ #sewing

Image shows Curvy Barbie, Tall Barbie, Petite Barbie, Spin Master Liv Doll, Lammily Doll, and Momoko Doll all modeling the same shirt. Overlay says, "DIY Felt Doll Shirt: One Size Fits All". The shirt pictured is made of felt.

#Felt #dolls’ shirt is super easy to #sew w/FREE pattern @

The pattern and tutorial below is for each of the felt shirts shown above. As you can see, this pattern fits a number of different dolls, from the lovely Momoko™ dolls, to Spin Master Liv™ dolls, to Lammily™ dolls, to Curvy®, Tall®, and Petite® Barbies®. It fits Skipper® and some Disney Princess® dolls too! The best part about this felt doll shirt is that it … Continue reading #Felt #dolls’ shirt is super easy to #sew w/FREE pattern @