New music video to inspire your crafts… With Skipper Simplicity patterns 5861!


Sometimes I make doll clothes using other people’s patterns. I take lots of pictures, but what can I do with those pictures, since it’s not my pattern to offer up for free on this website?

Today I decided to make another “Sewing Inspiration” video, using Simplicity’s 5861 doll clothes patterns for vintage Skipper, which I’m really enjoying making!

As a fan of jazz, I decided to work with that genre to create my video, and although I pay a full “Pro” account price for my Animoto video software (which means I don’t have to mention the musicians at all), I want to honor the musicians who created this music with links, right here on…

So there you go! If you loved any of those jazzy pieces, consider navigating over to the musician’s link to see if they have any additional musical scores you’d like to add to your own collections.

And if you want to purchase the mini buttons and other sewing notions that appear in the video, take a look at yesterday’s blog post. It offers advice and details with regard to which products you should buy for various dolls.

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This image shows four rows of artist's renderings of doll clothing items. The top row shows four different styles of pants. The second row shows four different styles of shirts. The third row shows four different styles of skirts. The fourth row shows four different styles of dresses, with skirts in long, short, and mid-length styles. The text reads at the top, "Classes in Doll Clothing Design" followed by this paragraph: "Have you ever wished you could create patterns of your own? Click on the links to Chelly's online courses below, to learn more about her paid courses in doll clothing pattern design techniques."

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