FREE 7 inch (18 cm) Lottie Doll Clothes Patterns (Gallery)

Please click on the doll clothes you would like to make.

Not what you’re looking for? Behind the scenes, I’m creating a series of classes in doll clothing design techniques, so you can design your own doll clothes for your dolls, using simple techniques, household tools, and your amazing imagination! Click on this link to learn more about my paid courses on the Creative Spark Online Learning platform.

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Lottie dolls are manufactured and designed by Arklu (Ireland) Ltd., in Donegal, Ireland, and Arklu holds the registered trademark (™) for them in the US. Lottie dolls are distributed in the USA by Schylling, Inc. These dolls are distributed in the UK, Ireland, France, and Italy by Bigjigs Toys Ltd. Visit to learn more about these wonderful toys that were inspired by kids.

6 thoughts on “FREE 7 inch (18 cm) Lottie Doll Clothes Patterns (Gallery)

  1. I’m getting lost in various links to Lottie and similar clothes patterns — and needed materials (lace, Velcro, elastic and such) — and not finding my way back to where I saw the list or the pattern! I realize you’re likely working on your own and have plenty of web pages to link. I am not particularly interested in creating my own patterns but following yours! Thank you.

    1. Welcome to my site. Currently I only have two outfits posted for Lottie, and you will find the PDF patterns at the top of the second set of bullets on each of the Lottie doll clothes pages (after linking out from here).

      I’m sure there will be more outfits to come.

  2. I would love for you to provide ideas/directions for fitting the waist of a skirt for Lottie! I tried a bit of elastic on a felt skirt, and have made some experiments. My best attempt is blanket stick the waist on felt skirt and add snaps for closure. This, however, is hard for a 3-year-old. I’ve made two dresses out of felt, and those are successful and fun! I’m not committed enough to design or alter patterns.

    1. Okay, but you know what I’m going to suggest right?


      I created my “How to Alter Doll Clothes Patterns” course on Creative Spark for EXACTLY this reason! LOL!

      In fact, there’s a whole section that teaches you how to create your own “fitted” waistband.

      You said in your comment, “I’m not committed enough to design or alter patterns,” but when you describe how you “blanket stick the waist on felt skirt and add snaps,” you’re actually altering my pattern! LOL! 😀

    1. Hey! That would be great! I would love to see your creations!

      Thanks for the advice about the poodle outline. The next time I make another poodle skirt for Lottie, I’ll re-do the pattern with an outline instead.

      To send me your pictures, first reach out to me using the contact form on my website. Then, when I reply, you can send me your photos.

      Sorry for the clunkiness of this procedure, but it prevents spammers from contacting me and filling up my in-box.

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