Image shows Mattel's Made-to-Move Barbie wearing a wedding dress (handmade with one-shoulder style), Mattel's Tall Barbie wearing a maid of honor gown, Mattel's made-to-move Barbie dolls wearing prom style dresses, and Mattel's Stacie doll wearing a flower girl's A-line dress. All of the dresses were designed and hand-sewn by Chelly Wood, and patterns are available at (free and printable sewing patterns for making all wedding, prom, and quinceanera dresses shown in the image). The dolls are seated and standing in an elegant 1:6 scale diorama, displaying their dresses in lovely pinks and whites. The furniture in the diorama is made of wicker. There is a gold-framed classical painting on the wall behind them. In the center of the room, the wicker table holds a porcelain tea set in 1:6 scale. The dolls look at the camera expectantly, and they are elegantly posed as if for wedding photography.

Taking Care of Your Handmade Doll Clothes @ #HelpfulTips for #DollCollectors

Today’s blog post on “taking care of your handmade doll clothes” is actually a re-post of an article I wrote a little over a year ago. However, this topic is one I seem to get questions about, so maybe, while I’m on vacation, it’s a good time to revisit it… Nobody likes to see a naked doll laying around, but did you know that leaving … Continue reading Taking Care of Your Handmade Doll Clothes @ #HelpfulTips for #DollCollectors