This image shows the Chelly Wood doll holding a tape measure next to the 6 inch Mini American Girl doll. Beside these two is a blond haired, tan-bodied made-to-move Barbie doll. All three dolls wear handmade doll clothes. They appear to be standing in a tiny sewing room, complete with a desk, a sewing machine, and other sewing-related furnishings. It looks like the dolls are about to use the tiny tape measure to take measurements of the little American Girl 6 inch doll, for a sewing project. This image accompanies a blog post for hashtag tape measure Tuesday in which we learn the specific measurements for the 6 inch American girl doll mini. The blog post for measuring a 6 inch doll is found at, and this watermark appears on the photograph of these dolls.

Doll Photography Tip #7: Maintain Ratios #Miniatures #DollHouse

In the image above, I’ve included dolls from both a 1:6 scale (i.e. Mattel’s Barbie) and a 1:9 scale (i.e. the Breyer dolls). For a brief period, I used this image to demonstrate that offers FREE printable doll clothes sewing patterns for dolls of — as my catch-phrase states — “many shapes and all different sizes.” However I got a little bit of negative … Continue reading Doll Photography Tip #7: Maintain Ratios #Miniatures #DollHouse