The image shows three simple to sew outfits for vintage Pepper dolls: a pair of pants with a shirt, a floral skirt with a sleeveless top, and a set of underwear (or a bikini style swimsuit). This image comes from where you can find hundreds of free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

FREE Vintage Pepper Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns (Gallery)

Please click on the doll clothes you would like to make. Not what you’re looking for? Behind the scenes, I’m creating a series of classes that will teach you how to design your own doll clothes. My classes will be available through C&T Publishing’s Creative Spark platform, starting in 2022. Click on the link provided to learn more about my own classes and the other wonderful courses you can take … Continue reading FREE Vintage Pepper Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns (Gallery)