Doll Photography Tip #8: Light and Shadows #Photography #Tutorials

We’ve all taken them: the photo that’s too dark or too bright. This video tutorial suggests ways to counteract problems with light and shadows.

However, if you want to know more about how to adjust your DSLR camera and its ISO, aperture settings, etc., the place to look is Chelsea and Tony Northrup’s book, Stunning Digital Photography. I learned everything I know about my camera and studio lighting from them.

But their specialty isn’t doll photography, it’s just photography in a broader sense.

A professional doll photographer whose work always impresses me is Toya from My Froggy Stuff. She has done several video tutorials on doll photography in particular, and in one of her videos, she suggests that an overcast sky provides the ideal outdoor lighting for doll photographs. I’ve also found this to be true.

If you’re not aware of Bella and Toya from My Froggy Stuff and the amazing videos they make, please visit one of the links I’ve provided here, so you can have a look around on their website or their YouTube channel. These talented crafters have a lot to offer, including miniature printables, crafting tips, and full tutorials!


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