Where to find good coat patterns for 18 inch dolls like #AmericanGirlDolls and #JourneyGirls

Here we see the ChellyWood doll holding up Simplicity doll clothes pattern 4786, which is particularly popular if you're looking for 18 inch doll clothes patterns for coats or jackets or winter clothing. It includes patterns for pullovers, a ski-like zip-front jacket, and a woolly long coat for winter. It also includes long sleeve shirt and jeans or pants or dungaree patterns.

Last week my inbox was flooded with people asking me questions and making requests. Yes, the holiday sewing season is upon us, and our kids and grandkids are hoping we’ll make them lots of lovely doll clothes for Christmas!

One of the requests I received was for a coat pattern for 18-inch dolls. In my response to this request, I pointed out that you can make a felt jacket from my long-sleeved shirt pattern. What I’m thinking of is something like the jacket shown in “View G” on the Simplicity 4786 pattern that you see at the top of this blog post.

You can take my pattern for this shirt, and sew it with the closure at the front instead of the back:

It would also help if you used the rounded neckline instead of the V-neck. This pattern’s neckline is the one I’m referring to:

The image shows the free doll clothes pattern for making a sleeveless shirt using cotton or felt. On the pattern it includes the creative commons attribution mark, and if you go to ChellyWood.com, you can download this pattern and many others for free as a PDF download pattern.

Now cut each jacket piece (including the long sleeves) out of felt, sew it together like you would for a shirt, sew some snaps down the front (instead of the back), and voila! You have an instant winter jacket for your 18-inch dolls!

However if you want a variety of different jacket and coat patterns to fit your 18″ dolls, Simplicity Crafts Pattern #4786 is certainly a good choice. It includes a boot pattern too:

This is the image found on the back of 18 inch doll clothes simplicity pattern number 4786, showing the outline of each item of clothing included in the pattern set.

As I’ve said in similar blog posts of the past, if you’re unfamiliar with purchasing used doll clothes patterns online, I advise you to read through my blog post giving advice on this matter. It may save you from getting a raw deal.

Happy holiday sewing everyone!

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