Rare Opportunity! Buy handmade doll clothes from doll clothing designer, Chelly Wood! #SewingBlogger

Click on the link in the caption, and it will take you to a page where you can download the free PDF sewing patterns for making these doll clothes. The image shows a skirt with a ruffled edge, a pair of ankle pants, and a strappy summer top to fit 11.5 inch or 11 inch fashion dolls. The fabric is shiny, purple, and almost iridescent. The skirt's ruffle has glitter speckles on it, and the matching summer top has geometric shapes in purple, black, and gold.
Click here for the patterns and tutorial videos to make all the doll clothes shown: https://wp.me/p1LmCj-GFo

Today my handmade African-style wardrobe went on sale on Etsy. You can access the sale page here, as long as it is up for grabs.

For those of you who have followed this website for a long time, you’re probably aware that I almost NEVER sell my handmade doll clothes, so this is a rare opportunity.

I’ve decided to begin offering some of my goods for sale for this simple reason: my website needs an upgrade. I want to make it easier for everyone to navigate from the home page to the PDFs, and I want to easily upload my PDF patterns. That upgrade will cost a little over $400 per year.

Last year I earned about $900 on this website’s ads and my YouTube channel’s ads, so the upgrade would cost almost half of my income!

So for a brief time, I’m going to offer a few of my handmade doll clothes for sale. I will also be selling some of my extra dolls and diorama props on my eBay store. Watch for those announcements as they happen.

Of course, if you just want to make your own version of the African wardrobe, click here. The patterns and tutorial videos are available. My patterns and tutorial videos are going to remain free, as always.

If my prices on Etsy seem high, consider this:

  • I am a professional doll clothing designer
  • I’m in no hurry to sell my wares
  • A lot of what I make is stitched by hand
  • This is a mix-and-match set with a reversible top
  • My Etsy listing also provides advertising for this website

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