DIY Fashion Doll Stockings w/ free patterns @ #toys #ChristmasStocking #miniatures

Today’s tutorial video shows you how to make a Christmas stocking for your 1:6 scale dollhouse or diorama.

Yes, I’ve posted this tutorial and this stocking pattern before, but I thought it might be nice to re-master the tutorial video to include a voice-over for instruction.

The following links will help you make not only the stockings, but the fashion doll clothes holiday outfit that I wrote a blog posts on earlier this week.

Now you have everything you need to sew the goodies you see here for your own dollhouse or 1:6 scale diorama:

This image is a preview of what Chelly Wood has in store, as far as free patterns and tutorial videos for the week of 9 December 2019 through 13 December 2019. The image shows a Queens of Africa Azeeza doll modeling a handmade felt strappy summer top and an above-the-knee length skirt made of holly-patterned fabric. On the chimney behind her, above the fireplace in her 1:6 scale diorama, there are handmade stockings hanging by the hearth. Visit to find out how to make these projects, including the diorama of the fireplace with hearth, the stockings, and the handmade doll clothes for 11 inch fashion dolls. Visit to find out how you can purchase one of these lovely African heritage dolls.
Visit for FREE printable doll clothes sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

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If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a little girl, take a look at the Queens of Africa dolls like the one pictured in the images on this blog post. My Azeezah doll came with a cute little puppy, a brush, a purse, and some jewelry.

Special thanks to the Queens of Africa doll company for giving me permission to use images of their dolls in my patterns. Before I end this blog post, I’d like to give credit to the doll designer and creator (Taofick Okoya) and the brand Slice by Cake.

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