Where to send handmade fashion doll clothes for #Christmas #nonprofit #communitysupport: Family Promise of North Idaho

To learn more about the Queens of Africa dolls, please go to https://queensofafricadolls.com/
Please click here for all the free printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos you’ll need to make the outfit shown on my Queens of Africa Azeezah doll:  https://chellywood.com/2019/12/12/diy-fashion-doll-stockings-w-free-patterns-chellywood-com-toys-christmasstocking-miniatures/

It’s always nice to do some charity work around the holidays, so I have a proposal for you, my followers…

For Christmas this year I’m sewing some doll clothes for the children at the shelter for displaced families, where my sister-in-law works as the administrator. This shelter is called Family Promise, and I’m told they have a number of naked 11.5-inch fashion dolls which need to have their closets re-stocked with new doll clothes.

If you’d like to donate some handmade fashion doll clothes or even a brand new doll (or general funding — which they always need) to Family Promise, just click on the links I’m providing here to learn more about this amazing program for families with children. The address is provided on the Family Promise home page.

If you personally know a little girl in need, you may consider buying her a Queens of Africa doll for Christmas this year, instead of a more traditional American fashion doll. These lovely dolls were designed by Taofick Okoya.

My Azeezah doll (pictured at the top of this blog post) came with a colorful dress, a soft furry cover-up, a puppy, a hairbrush, high heel shoes, and a little booklet about the Queens of Africa.

The Queens of Africa doll company has given me permission to use their pretty dolls in a book I’m currently trying to publish called, Easy Doll Clothes Design Techniques. Since this doll company has been kind enough to allow me to use their doll in my book, I wanted to thank them by suggesting their dolls to my followers.

The Queens of Africa dolls would make a very nice gift for someone you know this holiday season.

Next week I’d like to share how I made the fireplace in my diorama, so please drop by again next week to add to your collection of doll goodies!

Please click here for the tutorial video showing how to make your own DIY 1:6 scale fireplace for dollhouses and dioramas: (coming soon)

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  1. Thanks Chelly for the COMPLETELY AWESOME Barbie clothes you made for Family Promise of North Idaho! They will be a delight for the homeless children we serve. It is no fun to have a doll with no clothes whatsoever- now they even have a change of clothes! Thanks for sharing your talents and info about Family Promise!

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