#SewingBlogger Thursday: Let’s #sew a sweater / jumper for 28″ #dolls!

This week you were given the FREE patterns for making my 28″ doll sweater (in the UK referred to as a jumper, pullover, or jersey).

Here are the free, printable sewing patterns that I posted yesterday:

Please note, these patterns are for sewing a sweater / jumper using “sweater fabric” or fuzzy fabric; these are not knitting patterns or crocheted sweater patterns for 28 inch dolls.

If you’re looking for knitting patterns for regular-sized Barbies, I recommend you go to Sticka till Barbie, a website with hundreds of free knitting patterns for Barbie dolls. (You can find a link in the sidebar of ChellyWood.com if you’re using a laptop or desktop computer.) Lisa, who is the contact person at Sticka till Barbie also has a few patterns for Bratz as well.

When you first navigate to Sticka till Barbie, you may be thrown off by the text in the Swedish language. Don’t be discouraged! There are plenty of translation options too!

Lisa at Sticka till Barbie doesn’t sew much, so she sends her sewing traffic here, and whenever I get questions or requests for knitted Barbie clothes patterns, I always send my knitting traffic to her. The partnership has worked well for us over the years, and I’m really grateful for all that Lisa’s website has done to help me grow my website!

Maybe you didn’t notice, but recently ChellyWood.com reached one million views. Can you believe it? About five percent of my first-time traffic comes from Sticka till Barbie, so I want to send out a hearty “THANK YOU!” to Lisa at Sticka till Barbie. Hooray for Lisa! 😀

Are you a fan of ABBA? Lisa at Sticka till Barbie has designed knitted patterns for Barbie and Ken that look like the outfits ABBA used to wear in the 1970’s… So cool and retro! Even if you’re not a knitter, you might want to check them out.

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