#FridayFollow : Make a #NoSew #Dolls’ Tutu with MyFroggyStuff–an amazing YouTuber!

Anybody who knows and loves Barbie has heard of MyFroggyStuff on YouTube. If you’re not following “Froggy” already, well… you should be.

As you know, here on ChellyWood.com, we’ve been making a tutu, swimsuit, and/or figure skating leotard for 28″ Barbie dolls (or similar-sized dolls), and as part of the outfit, you will need a no-sew doll tutu.

Today’s tutorial video was made by the creators at MyFroggyStuff and used with permission. I suppose I could’ve made my own tutorial video on how to make a no-sew dolly tutu, but why re-invent the wheel?

Besides, I couldn’t go on much longer without mentioning MyFroggyStuff in my #FridayFollow feature. This YouTuber has inspired me on so many levels, that this #FridayFollow is a bit overdue, to be honest.

Not only did “Froggy” make this very professional tutorial on how to create a no-sew doll tutu (like the one in the video I posted yesterday), but her channel offers DIY projects for doll dioramas, unboxings, and doll play videos in a series called “The Darbie Show.”

Her videos are all child-and-family friendly. They feature a very professional intro and closing segment, which I’m not ashamed to say were an inspiration for my own stop-motion-style video intros and closing segments.

So my #FridayFollow today is MyFroggyStuff on YouTube. Froggy is truly my hero! (It’s my secret dream to do a collaboration with her someday…) Her tutorials are everything a dolly DIY video should be.

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