#FridayFollow: Hearts4Hearts Girls #Dolls (a 14-inch Articulated #doll)

I’ve never pretended to be a toy reviewer, but I certainly appreciate those who take the time to mention articulation in their doll reviews. An articulated doll is so much easier to design and sew clothes for than a doll with limited movement.

So rather than calling this a toy review, I’m considering my brief video more of a sewing tip.

Earlier this week, in my #TapeMeasure Tuesday feature, I talked about how the Hearts for Hearts girls are similar to the Wellie Wishers (in terms of size), but they have the added advantage of articulation too. This doll company also does a lot for charity, which is truly inspiring!

So today I’m posting a very brief video that shows these little dolls’ articulation.

Before I buy a doll, I usually look for similar videos to see how articulated the doll is. And trust me, these sweet little cuties do not disappoint!

To learn more about how the Hearts4Hearts doll company gives to charities, please visit their sites on Facebook and Pinterest.

That’s it for today’s #FridayFollow.

4 thoughts on “#FridayFollow: Hearts4Hearts Girls #Dolls (a 14-inch Articulated #doll)

  1. I love your videos, She is so cute and explains everything very plain.Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Where is the video. I can’t find this one. As you know I am not the sharpest dolly in the case when it comes to computers.

    1. Are you having trouble seeing the video, Dodi? On my computer, the video is right at the top of the blog post, before the words “I’ve never pretended to be a toy reviewer…” Let me know if you’re unable to see the video, and I’ll trouble-shoot what’s causing the problem.

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