On a purple cotton fabric with tiny white polka dots (the backdrop color) we see an orange cat wearing spectacles, seated at a sewing machine. Pink fabric is in the machine, and the cat's facial expression clearly shows her frustration, even though she carries her white-tipped tail high as she sits at the sewing machine with grumpy whiskers.

There’s a CAT in my Sewing Room! #CharityProject #FeralCat

It has always been my goal to build a sustainable business income that will help me endure any hardships my family and I may face, once I retire from my day job as a school librarian (my retirement is scheduled for 2026 — three years away). However, as I said in my March 15th blog post, the income for this website actually dropped by about … Continue reading There’s a CAT in my Sewing Room! #CharityProject #FeralCat

The image shows Consuelo, the Hearts4Hearts Girl doll. She stands with her back to the camera.You can see the tiny toy buttons going down the back of her shirt and the little back pocket in her shorts. She wears maryjane shoes to match the mint green of her shorts and short-sleeve top. She stands in a green garden with yellow flowers in the distance. The overlay says, "Articulation in Hearts for Hearts" girl dolls. This is a header for a YouTube video that looks at the overall articulation in Hearts for Hearts Girls as compared to other dolls.

#FridayFollow: Hearts4Hearts Girls #Dolls (a 14-inch Articulated #doll)

I’ve never pretended to be a toy reviewer, but I certainly appreciate those who take the time to mention articulation in their doll reviews. An articulated doll is so much easier to design and sew clothes for than a doll with limited movement. So rather than calling this a toy review, I’m considering my brief video more of a sewing tip. Earlier this week, in … Continue reading #FridayFollow: Hearts4Hearts Girls #Dolls (a 14-inch Articulated #doll)

If you can’t sell a #Quilt on #Etsy, give it to #Charity says ChellyWood.com

When my cousin Anita Queen posted these pictures on Facebook, I called her up and asked if I could interview her about her recent charitable work as a quilter. Being a family relative and fellow seamstress, she gladly shared her story. Have you ever had a quilt that seems to grow dust? You’ve posted it on Etsy, taken it to craft fairs, and no matter what … Continue reading If you can’t sell a #Quilt on #Etsy, give it to #Charity says ChellyWood.com