#TapeMeasureTuesday: Let’s see what 28″ Barbie’s #sewing measurements are…

ChellyWood.com offers free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. This image shows the 28-inch best fashion friend Barbie doll wearing a pretty white sleeveless leotard with a tutu and ice skates. The pattern that was used to make this outfit is free at ChellyWood.com. The pattern could also be used to sew a swimsuit to fit the 28 inch Barbie or other 28 inch fashion dolls.
Click here for all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make this outfit: (coming soon)

Doesn’t my “28-inch Best Fashion Friend” Barbie look fabulous as a figure skater? Wait ’till you see the stop motion movie I made of her skating! It will appear in this week’s tutorial video.

This week, for #TapeMeasureTuesday, we’re taking measurements of a 28″ Barbie, but while we’re on the subject of Jumbo-sized dolls, I’d like to mention the 36-inch Barbies too.

Every now and then I get a request for 36-inch Barbie doll clothes patterns. Although my daughters used to have one of these very large Barbie dolls when they were in grade school, we got rid of it long ago. So all I can say about 36″ doll clothes patterns is this: I’ve heard rumors that you can put a 36″ Barbie in a Onesie and make tutus to go with it. That seems simple enough…

Therefore, as part of this week’s sewing adventures, I’m going to offer you some links to tutorials showing how to make a simple tutu for dolls, using elastic and tulle. So that will help, if you’re sewing tutus to go with a Onesie for a 36-inch Barbie doll.

But I digress. Today we’re actually going to measure a 28-inch “Best Fashion Friend” Barbie, which has been manufactured and distributed by the Mattel toy company.

Here are the 28″ Barbie “Best Fashion Friend” doll’s measurements for sewing purposes (seam allowances not included):

  • Neck circumference… 10 cm
  • Neck to shoulder seam… 3.7 cm
  • Bust 31 cm
  • Collar to true waist… 13.5 cm
  • Underarm to true waist… 8.5 cm
  • Sleeve inseam (underarm to cuff)… 20 cm
  • Sleeve from shoulder seam to cuff… 21.8 cm
  • Sleeve circumference…  9 cm
  • Waist… 22 cm
  • Hip circumference… 31.2 cm
  • Pants inseam (crotch to just below the ankle bone)… 35 cm
  • Pants outseam (waist to just below the ankle bone)… 45.5 cm
  • Pants leg circumference (upper thigh)… 17.5 cm
  • Height not including hair… 28 inches or 71 cm

I love to dress my 28″ Best Fashion Friend Barbie, so I’m sure this week’s sewing adventure won’t be the last of its kind. Feel free to leave a request in the comments. What would you like me to design for 28″ dolls after this?

And please remember, website renovations are going on behind the scenes, so be patient while I try to re-design the site to allow easier access to the patterns you really want to sew.

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8 thoughts on “#TapeMeasureTuesday: Let’s see what 28″ Barbie’s #sewing measurements are…

    1. Yes, I really enjoy sewing for this doll. It surprised me how much fun it was to sew for Best Fashion Friend Barbie because I normally prefer sewing for the smaller dolls. But this week’s ice skating leotard project was a lot of fun to create!

      1. My 28 inch Barbie has painted-on shoes, but I have found that my 18 inch American Girl doll shoes actually fit over her painted-on shoes. Other than that suggestion, I don’t have any actual patterns for the 28 inch Barbie. I wish you luck finding them though!

    1. Hi Bert. Thanks for leaving a comment.

      I do have patterns for a pair of pants, a collared shirt, and a pair of shorts that you could adapt for male 18-inch dolls, but I’ve also added your specific request to my list of requests.

      Currently all Barbie clothes requests are on hold while I wait for Mattel to give me official permission to use images of their dolls on this website.

  1. Thank you so much for all this detail and the article!! I’ve found it most helpful as I’ve been looking for the doll measurements!! Do you know the length and width of the feet? 🙂

    1. My doll wears high heel shoes that are painted on, so I didn’t include the feet as part of my sewing measurements. It would look odd to put handmade shoes over the top of painted ones in most cases.

      However, in some of my blog postings, I was able to slip a pair of American Girl ice skates on her feet, and they covered up the painted-on high heel shoes without looking terribly awkward. But I’m certain that not all American Girl shoes will fit her feet, due to the nature of the painted-on shoes.

      Glad you like the article though. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. 🙂

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