The image shows a Made-to-Move Barbie wearing a handmade babydoll pajama. The doll's lilac-colored pajamas are trimmed in bias tape, ribbon, and rick-rack. Barbie lays on a doll-sized bed with a small quilt on the bed. The quilt has little hearts on it (for this image was posted in February, for Valentine's Day. Barbie's head lays on a quilted pink-and-purple nine patch pillow. She has a stuffed bear on her bed and a cabinet in the background. The wallpaper is purple and there's a window in the wall behind her. The whole diorama is 1:6 scale to suit Barbie. The doll wraps her hand around the nine-patch quilted doll pillow, and she has her legs crossed at the ankle as she reclines upon her little quilt-covered bed. The overlay offers the website where you can find free patterns for making the Barbie doll pajamas and a pair of shorts that cannot be seen in this image, but which go with the baby doll pajamas. The overlay says: and it also says, "Free doll clothes patterns and tutorials" -- this website offers free doll clothes patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Each pattern comes with a free tutorial video showing you how to make the clothes.

#MeMade Monday: a babydoll pajama set for Barbie #dolls on #ValentinesDay

It’s February, so for St. Valentine’s Day this year, I looked back through my emails from fans and followers for an idea that might suit the Valentine’s Day theme. What did I come up with? A babydoll pajama! When I went back to my emails and blog surveys, I discovered there were a fair number of requests for pajama sets for Barbie, Skipper, and similar … Continue reading #MeMade Monday: a babydoll pajama set for Barbie #dolls on #ValentinesDay